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We provide transfer services worldwide between airports and hotels. You will find our drivers waiting for you, upon arrival at the airport with a placard. To assist you with loading your luggage in the car and to drive you to your hotel.

You choose the car you like out of our huge fleet of cars that suits individuals, families and large group passengers.

Why use Transfer facilities if you do not get:
  • The best price
  • The car of your choice
  • From a preferred supplier
  • Immediately met on arrival
  • The customer service you deserve


Use FTTC Transfer facilities for a relaxing journey to or from your hotel. Like thousands of satisfied customers who used our transfer facilities since 2007. You will be in good hands.

Just decided what suites your requirements best and leave the rest to us.

For inquires and bookings, please phone or email us now.


For Inquiries and Quotations, please phone or email us now.
+ 973 17341424 / 17345400/ 17006468

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