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A modern health SPA located in Slovakia providing treatments with high quality medical approach. The natural healing resources thermal mineral water and unique sulphuric mud are the cornerstones of the Pieš?any SPA which has become world famous, thanks to its modern methods of treating, rheumatism and other disorders of human locomotive system.
In addition it provides a huge variety of healing SPA treatments such as mud packs, underwater jetmassages, tractions, antispastic kineziotherapy, ergotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, individual therapeutic exercise, active rehabilitation treatments and medical massages for 24-hour medical service.
Our services:
  • Pre-arrange suitable appointments
  • Arrange Slovakia Entry Visa, if requested
  • Meet and Assist at Vienna Airport, if requested
  • Pre-book Hotel Rooms, Transfers & Family Tours, if requested
  • Offer airline tickets at Promo Fares 
  • Travel Insurance, if requested


For inquiries and bookings, please phone or email us now.
+ 973 17341424 / 17345400/ 17006468

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